What is it comoon?

This is a format of co-living and remote work in a circle of people like you, and also a cool space and location around

For who?

For people with similar values. Our format is suitable for IT specialists, coaches, psychologists, marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and generally anyone who can work remotely.


At Comoon you will find new friends, gain knowledge and new experiences - all without interrupting your work. Our format perfectly allows you to upgrade your soft skills. Now your vacation is more than 21 days!

New acquaintances

In our community there are only people with a similar active lifestyle, no toxic substances or choking agents:) We will survey and select each participant so that the race brings together people who are comfortable and close to each other

Rest without interruption from work

Add new experiences to your work routine. Relax and get a new experience without interrupting your work. Make new acquaintances and be friends for years

Cool locations

We find places where it is convenient to work, live beautifully and have fun together. You will have time to be alone with yourself, nature, but at the same time remain part of the community

New experience

With us you will get a new experience, as well as the experience of other community members.

Upcoming Camps

Find new friends and get grounded!

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About the founders of Comoon

We are two families who love warm meetings and get high not from material things, but from new acquaintances and the emotions and knowledge that you, people, give us!
Event organizer and just a good person, I like to create places for people to communicate
Photographer and organizer of aesthetic picnics, like from Pinterest, creating an atmosphere and moments that will be remembered for a lifetime
Social media marketer, love to live life and eat delicious food
Marketing specialist in IT. Love people! We are all so different, but you can always learn something from each of us. I prefer active rest to the sofa. I look for and find places of power in which I enjoy.

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    We have been holding events for many years and gathering cool people around us and now we are ready to share our social circle with you